Residential (Inpatient) Detoxification

Nirmal Hospital, Deaddiction & Rehabilitation Centre is licensed to provide Residential (In patient) Detoxification from alcohol drugs, and opiates Cannabis etc..for individuals who meet admission criteria for the program

The program includes the following components:

1. Comprehensive Medical Assessment and Determination of Level of Care

2. Medical Detoxification.

3. Aversion Therapy

4. Anti craving Medicines

5. counseling and Psychotherapy

Nirmal Hospital, Deaddiction & Rehabilitation Centre offers detoxification Program to treat individuals addicted to alcohol, drugs and opioids in a safe, medically supervised and inpatient setting. Our trained and licensed clinicians provide medical detoxification using required medicines to ease the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms and interrupt compulsive drug use.

The detoxification process is integrated with residential care treatment to facilitate effective transition into ongoing treatment and recovery. This is the first step in a continuum of substance – abuse treatment that ultimately leads to recovery.