Who We Are

Nirmal Deaddiction Rehabilitation Centre, Miraj

It Was year 2009 a divine intervention and passion to serve people with mental health needs inspired me to start NirmalDeaddiction And Rehabilitation Centres. We are nearing 10 years and its been a satisfying journey of Recovery, Reintegration and Care.

Health is priceless and good health encompasses physical and mental health. Mental health care though is unique in many ways is very integral to overall well being.
We are now a comprehensive mental health care facility with services and facilities to help and manage every problem known in mental health.

We at Nirmal DeaddictionAnd Rehabilitation Centre,Miraj have been striving to spread the message that mental illnesses and various addictions are treatable and provide care which is not limited to physical but embracing family and psycho social aspects as well.

With Warm Regards …

Dr. Chandrashekhar A. Halingale(MBBS.DPM) Director